Gone but never forgotten . . . .

Sunny, the beginning of Sunstone Mastiffs, she was my first Mastiff and stole my heart. Sunny lost her battle with a very rare cancer at the age of 3 yes, 3 years old. Cancer is the number one killer of all large and giant breed dogs.


Rocco . . . ahhh Rocco, aka Roc Man the Sock Man aka Bucket Boy giant hemorrhoid, Rocco was one of a kind and my big loveable lug, never a dull moment and if it was quiet, it generally wasn’t good.

Rocco Mystry Mtn's Eye of the Tiger
Rocco Mystry Mtn’s Eye of the Tiger

Kaia was my good girl, a very sweet and soft girl, never really did anything wrong (unlike the rest of the knuckleheads), she was a beautiful girl, inside and out and sorely missed.

Kaia Champion Stonehaven's One Fine Day at Sunstone
Kaia Champion Stonehaven’s One Fine Day at Sunstone

The Boys!

Yagey Man is the Patriarch at Sunstone, he’s obviously not a Mastiff but he’s helped raise all of them. Yagey is almost 21.5 years old as of this writing and that, in an of itself is worthy of the top spot here!

Yagey Man
Yagey Man

Marvin, Champion Pallone’s Mahhvelous Marvin, unbelievably full of himself and well, he’s Marv!

Champion Pallone's Mahhvelous Marvin~Marv
Champion Pallone’s Mahhvelous Marvin~Marv

Dewey~Sunstone’s Doing The Right Thing was my keeper boy from the Kaia x Rocco breeding. He’s a lovely boy, just didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped. The right home hasn’t come along so he’s here with the rest of the crew hanging out.

Sunstone's Doing The Right Thing~Dewey
Sunstone’s Doing The Right Thing~Dewey

Sunstone’s Gangster of Love~Maurice, or Mo is my only boy out of two Cora x Rocco breedings. He is bringing new meaning to slow maturing, finally starting to come into himself at 3.5 years old, we’re still waiting for some semblance of mental maturity!

Sunstone's Gangster of Love~Maurice
Sunstone’s Gangster of Love~Maurice
Sunstone's Gangster of Love~Maurice
Sunstone’s Gangster of Love~Maurice

The youngest of the bunch is Manny~Sunstone’s Sharp Dressed Man, he is a gangly, obnoxious teenager as of this post so I am posting pictures of him as a cute baby! Manny is Gena’s only son, out of a lovely boy bred by Clark Henderson at Mystery Mountain Mastiffs and Owned by Tom Fisher of Prideland Mastiffs, both in southern California. Optimus-Manny’s dad is a working therapy dog and spends his days visiting senior centers.

Sunstone's Sharp Dressed Man~Manny
Sunstone’s Sharp Dressed Man~Manny
Sunstone's Sharp Dressed Man~Manny
Sunstone’s Sharp Dressed Man~Manny about 6 weeks old.

The Girls!

I will add to this as I work on the site . . . first and foremost we have grandma Cora, affectionately known as The Coranator, never met a hose or a blanket she couldn’t destroy! Cora is retired and spends her days doing as she pleases, which usually isn’t much. Cora is Gena (pronounced Jenna), Johnnie and Mo’s mom, she also raised Rose, Desi and Dewey who are Kaia pups, unfortunately Kaia went on to greener pastures and I miss her sweet self every day.

Mystery Mountain’s Call Me Cora At Sunstone~Cora

Libby is also retired and unfortunately never had any pups but she rules her own roost in my bedroom and loves chasing whatever she can when left to her own devices.


Mystery Mtn's Wild Thing at Sunstone~Libby
Mystery Mtn’s Wild Thing at Sunstone~Libby

Gena is another retiree, she decided motherhood wasn’t for her so she spends most of her time playing in the mud in nice weather. Gena is Manny’s mom and daughter to Cora and Rocco.

Sunstone's Genesis v Mystery Mountain~Gena
Sunstone’s Genesis v Mystery Mountain~Gena

Johnnie is Gena’s litter sister and my ‘little’ spitfire! Johnnie is currently major pointed (almost has her championship) and to know her is to love her! Johnnie will be bred in late 2016 if Mother Nature cooperates.

Johnnie Sunstone's Johnnie Come Lately
Johnnie~ Sunstone’s Johnnie Come Lately

Desi was also known to some as green girl, she is sweet, beautiful and so, so funny! Hopefully Desi will spend some quality time in the show ring in 2016 as well as have her second litter of pups. Desi is daughter to Kaia and Rocco and Mom to Faith.

Desi~Sunstone's Desiderata
Desi~Sunstone’s Desiderata

Rose is much like her mom Kaia in temperament and much like her dad Rocco in energy levels, she is sweet as can be and quite the busy girl! Hopefully Rose will also see some ring time as well as pups this year.

Rosey~Sunstone's Rockin' Rosey
Rosey~Sunstone’s Rockin’ Rosey

Upcoming breedings

As of this post I expect to be doing 2 breedings in the next month or two, the first will produce both fawn and fawn brindle pups, the second will produce only fawn. Why do I sound a bit secretive? Because I am! I am a bit superstitious about breeding and will not announce full details until a pregnancy is confirmed.

Baby Johnie
Baby Johnie photo courtesy Larry Lesser

Things to know up front:

Pups are $2500~.

I do not ship puppies but you are welcome to fly in to pick up and fly back with your pup in the cabin with you.

You will be expected to go through an interview and application process as well as a home check before I will approve you for one of my pups.

You will be required to sign a contract (as do I) outlining what each of us expects regarding the pup.

Baby Relay
Baby Relay photo courtesy Larry Lesser


Baby Manny
Baby Manny

A little bit about Sunstone Mastiffs (home)

Sunstone Mastiffs
Sunstone Mastiffs

Sunstone Mastiffs is located on a very remote and serene 40 acres in breathtaking southeastern Colorado near the tiny town of Ordway.

Sunstone's Sharp Dressed Man
Sunstone’s Sharp Dressed Man~Manny at 4 months

My name is Barrie, I am an artist (Sunstone Designs ) and the dogs and I live on just over 40 acres, between 2 lakes, and pretty much nothing else!

Sunstone's Rockin Rosey
Sunstone’s Rockin Rosey

My dogs live in the house with me, most share bedrooms (I have 6 bedrooms so they are pretty comfy) at night or during inclement weather and are outside during the day. We’ve been here not quite a year, so the setup is a work in progress.

Sunstone's Doing The Right Thing
Sunstone’s Doing The Right Thing aka Dew Magoo

I do not ship my puppies and have an application process in place that includes extensive interviews, sometimes a background check and a home check before I consider allowing one of my Sunstone pups to go home with you. I consider breeding a huge responsibility and consider myself responsible for every pup I bring into this world from their first breath to their last.

Sunstone's Desiderata
Sunstone’s Desiderata

When you take a Sunstone pup home with you, you become part of an extended family, you will receive guidance from me for the rest of the pup’s life and I make myself available to you for whatever it is you may need. This usually develops into a close friendship and I very much enjoy that part of what I do.

You’ll notice that several of the dogs have Mystery Mountain in the name, MM is a well established kennel with over 20 years in the breed whose foundation came from well established kennels. In choosing MM as part of my foundation I believe that Sunstone is on very solid ground in type, temperament and health.

Mystery Mountain’s Call Me Cora At Sunstone

Sit back and poke through my website, it, like our home, is a work in progress, hopefully you’ll enjoy your time here, find some useful information, and maybe give me a call about one of my upcoming breedings.

Thank you for stopping by,

Barrie & the Sunstone crew.