A little bit about Sunstone Mastiffs

Sunstone Mastiffs
Sunstone Mastiffs

Sunstone Mastiffs is located on a very remote and serene 40 acres in breathtaking southeastern Colorado near the tiny town of Ordway.

Sunstone's Sharp Dressed Man
Sunstone’s Sharp Dressed Man~Manny at 4 months

My name is Barrie, I am an artist (Sunstone Designs not very original, I know ) and the dogs and I live on just over 40 acres, between 2 lakes, and pretty much nothing else!

Sunstone's Rockin Rosey
Sunstone’s Rockin Rosey

My dogs live in the house with me, most share bedrooms (I have 6 bedrooms so they are pretty comfy) at night or during inclement weather and are outside during the day. We’ve been here not quite a year, so the setup is a work in progress.

Sunstone's Doing The Right Thing
Sunstone’s Doing The Right Thing aka Dew Magoo

I do not ship my puppies and have an application process in place that includes extensive interviews, sometimes a background check and a home check before I consider allowing one of my Sunstone pups to go home with you. I consider breeding a huge responsibility and consider myself responsible for every pup I bring into this world from their first breath to their last.

Sunstone's Desiderata
Sunstone’s Desiderata

When you take a Sunstone pup home with you, you become part of an extended family, you will receive guidance from me for the rest of the pup’s life and I make myself available to you for whatever it is you may need. This usually develops into a close friendship and I very much enjoy that part of what I do.

Mystery Mountain’s Call Me Cora At Sunstone

Sit back and poke through my website, it, like our home, is a work in progress, hopefully you’ll enjoy your time here, find some useful information, and maybe give me a call about one of my upcoming breedings.

Thank you for stopping by,

Barrie & the Sunstone crew.